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Leonello Az Agr Monte Tondo





The Monte Tondo vineyard can be found nestling in the gentle hills of Soave just a few kilometres from Verona on a slope overlooking the valley. Three generations have handed down the precious art of wine-making.

The design of wine cellars, with arches and terracotta bricks, captures the rural style of country villages and is evident in the close ties of old-fashioned flavours that the vineyard has established between its wines and the hills that inspired not only Dante’s poetry but also other famous authors of Italian literature.

Today Luca is the son of the Magnabosco Family, the grower in the vineyards. Stefania is the first daughter and the manager for Italian business relations. Mamma Paola is the coordinator of the works in the winery. Gino is owner and wine maker. Marta is the third daughter and she is the Export Manager.

The Magnabosco family is attentive to any new improvement in grape production to ensure the wine produced has an intense aroma, a bouquet ranging from floral to fruity with unmistakeable flavor. Grapes native to this area include Soave and Valpolicella and guarantee wine of the best quality to represent the area in which it is produced.

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