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About Us

Hello Independent Wine and Spirits Retailers of Florida

I am Cezar Mioduszewski, Founder and Owner of CSM DISTRIBUTING LLC.

As a 4COP Wine and Spirits Retailer for ten years in St. Petersburg, I have personally experienced all the things you, as Independent Wine and Spirits Retailers, are going through in Florida. I started my store from scratch and operated it at a profit for the entire ten years. One day I realized that I had to change my method of operating to remain profitable.

Above all, I am a realist. And even though I despised what the big Chains were doing to me with the willing or unwilling cooperation of the Big Distributors, their business model worked. It is actually quite simple.

To take full advantage of their business model requires the absolute commitment and cooperation of a small Importer/Distributor. The ones I found available in Florida did not quite fit that mold; in the end they were more interested in their own agenda and many times at the expense of my store's profits… just like the Big Distributors.

Frustrated by this, I spent the last two years researching what could be done to create a distributorship in Florida that would legally provide the same services to the Independent Wine and Spirits Retailers that are currently being enjoyed by the Big Chains. That is how CSM Distributing was founded. It is here to serve only the Independent Retailers. We do not sell to Chain Stores.

As a former Independent Retailer like yourself, please give us the opportunity to show you that we are sincere and that you will benefit from using us to build your business and your profits using the big Chains’ successful business model. We are a distributorship created entirely to help the Independent retailer grow his business and profit. We will prove it to you!

For sales Information contact me directly: 727.504.6294

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