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Castagner Acquaviti

The Castagner distillery is family owned and operated and is situated in Vazzola in the province of Treviso. This area is just outside of Venice at the foot of the beautiful Conegliano hills in the heart of the best wine country.

The distillery is now one of the most prominent in Italy with a production equal to 6 million bottles a year, which is around 12% of the total Italian production. The distillery spreads over an area of more than 60,000 square meters, and with its state of the art technology it is constantly bringing innovation to the world of grappa taking taste and quality to the highest levels.

Production is entirely on the distillery premises, pursuing the philosophy to conserve the purest quality of the grappa in each delicate phase, from fermenting the grape skins through to bottling the finished product.

This philosophy, based on tradition and innovation, is expressed through the scrupulous selection of the best quality grape skins, careful fermentation and distillation in alembics designed personally by the master distiller. A new generation of grappa has been born under the name of Roberto Castagner, created for a connoisseur who is fascinated by the quality and pursuit of new taste experiences.

Roberto Castagner:
"I have no ancestors who were distillers before me, meaning I am the first generation. Perhaps that is why I decided to perform my craft, the production of grappa, with all the passion, respect for nature, the force and courage of someone who, in tradition, has understood the values of the rules, and who, through innovation, wants to leave his mark on the field. Today this is still what makes me happy, to be able to work with all my passion to leave my children and customers a dream that has come true."

The second generation is now entering the Castagner distillery. Roberto’s nephew Carlo and his daughters Silvia and Giulia now work alongside the master distiller Roberto Castagner, getting ready to face the future with the same passion and vanguard spirit that have always been the founding principles of the family business.

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