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Moldova: Codru

Do you know where Moldova is? Have you ever had a Moldovan wine?

To answer the first question: Moldova is a landlocked nation, formerly part of the Soviet Union, and is located between Romania on the west and Ukraine on the north, east, and south. It's a small country, but rich in history, especially wine history.

Moldova is also the home of wine, one of its biggest exports. 25 per cent of the households in Moldova are in the wine business in one way or another. Wine making here dates back over 5000 years - to the time of Homer's Iliad.

On the ancient stage, Greek settlers shared the secret of fermentation with the locals. The Romans followed, bringing with them their experience in winemaking. In the Middle Ages, high-ranking Moldovan royal servants started entire businesses with vineyards and small wineries where wine was stored and processed. Proud and self-important cup bearers were responsible with their own lives for the wine choices on the royal table.

Codru is a Moldovan Wine Region. The Central or Codru Zone is the site of the greater part of Moldovan vineyards, and the majority of primary winemaking and bottling enterprises are also located here. The forests, hills and rolling countryside typical of this region protect the vineyards from winter frosts and dry summer winds. It is the best area for Feteasca, Sauvignon, Riesling, Traminer rose and Cabernet production. <

There is also a famous microclimate zone in this region - the Romanesti - the former wine-making Imperial colony of Romanov dynasty. This is the place to sample the best white and sparkling wines

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